Warsaw-Amman Seminar

Chemical Weapons Destruction Cooperative Threat Reduction Program

Enhancing Chemical Security for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the region (Jordan project: grant number HDTRA 1-18-1-0031)

the Warsaw-Amman Training and Warsaw-Amman International Seminar
Warsaw, 18th -21st September, 2018

Participants and topics

Warsaw-Amman Training and Seminar were prepared primarily by the ICCSS and core team of Jordan stakeholders, who suggest topics for consideration. There were over 60 participants from 16 countries and INTERPOL and OSCE. There were 21 Jordanian representatives from all the key institutions engaged in CBRN issues, with an emphasis on chemical security.

The core purpose of the Warsaw training and Seminar was to enhance the capacity of Jordan stakeholders on matters of chemical safety and security. In order to move forward with the project, the seminar defined content and partners in a gap analysis as well as identified the priority areas that need to be addressed urgently.

Assistance and protection against CW and preparedness to respond against chemical accidents were raised. National legislation and international regulations on CW prohibition and chemical security were presented. The seminar demonstrated a broad overview of relevant CBRN capacities and competences in Jordan.

Warsaw-Amman training and seminar objectives

1. Share the best practices and capacity building in chemical security;
2. Promote the development of Jordan cadre of experts and personnel to respond to chemical-related incidents at national and international levels;
3. Establish long-term and beneficial working relationships between the participating agencies and the appropriate Jordan, European and international stakeholders, including NATO;
4. Enhance participant agency’s ability to deter, detect, identify, investigate and respond to WMD-related incidents;
5. Explore possibilities for a technical assistance in the form of training, equipment and advice.

Core activities

1. Training course on chemical safety and security
2. Visits to relevant central institutions
3. International Seminar
4. Bilateral discussions and exchanges


The core understanding of the Training and the Seminar was the readiness of the Jordan partners and the ICCSS, to use the project to promote Jordan as a regional hub for chemical safety and security and the development of the Joint CBRN Training Facility in Amman as a regional centre for chemical safety and security. There were concrete proposals and arrangements agreed during the training and the Seminar, including:

• the training of Ukraine experts at Joint CBRN Training Facility in Amman;
• signing a cooperation agreement between ICCSS and Joint CBRN Training Facility;
• ICCSS assistance to seek accreditation of Jordan Laboratory at the OPCW; and the development of business relations in cargo services in dangerous goods between Jordan and Poland;
• Conduct of joint international activities to promote Jordan project as an example/template for national program on chemical safety and security.

It was confirmed that the chemical safety and security is not a cost but an investment and the Jordan and international partners agreed to bring business solutions and opportunities to support the development of chemical safety and security in Jordan.


The project is funded through the 2018 grant
of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)